We care about your

That is why we carefully selected our partner clinics with the best success rates and formed multi-cycle refund guarantee programmes so as to take the risk of failure from you. All risk is on us, you either succeed or you get a refund.

Our clinics are located currently in the following countries:

Spain, Greece, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ukraine, Georgia

Latin America Mexico, Nicaragua

Asia Malaysia, India

Africa South Africa

Partner Clinics

We care about your


That is why we partner with clinics in several countries to make such refund guarantee programmes affordable for you.

The IVF costs can be a huge burden so we have developed a number of options to help you by offering refund guarantee packages. In addition, we are offering you the choice of either traveling to selected clinics in other countries or do the treatment at a clinic close to you, if that is available, and can help you manage the budget you are able to afford.

We care about your

That is why all the clinics we work have top quality patient care with personalise attention that would focus on your individual case and try to bring solutions and a successful result.

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Patient Testimonials

I would like to thank everyone at IVF Travel for their undivided attention to our needs even when out of business hours we needed their expert advice, their dedication to our cause, who without their support, we would not now be 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy boy. The decision to go to Alicante has changed our lives for ever and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Thank you.
B. & C.
I would like to thank everyone at IVF Travel

You have made us so happy. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you so much. You have been exceptionally supportive. I have never experienced so much care and support ever. You are all angels. Please pass our thanks to the doctor and also please, please pass on our thanks and respect to everyone!
R. & D.
You have made us so happy.

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When it comes to assisted reproduction we often think about IVF or a donation of gametes, that is, egg or sperm donation. But there is another option, often less known: embryo adoption (also known as embryo donation) Instead of creating embryos from scratch in the lab, like in IVF or egg donation, the embryos that are already created and frozen…
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Male fertility issues go beyond sperm parameters. History-taking for a male reproductive health workup includes exploring reproductive and sexual history, developmental history, medical history, lifestyle choices and behaviors, and environmental exposures. In this article, we cover a few issues that hinder fertility. The more aware you are of these, the more effectively you can look for help. OBESITY Although this…
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How to deal with pregnancy after IVF?

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