What Is Redia IVF’s Live Birth Egg Donation Refund Guarantee Programme?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that you’ll have a baby, but what Redia IVF can indeed ensure is your peace of mind financially speaking, by ensuring a 100% refund of your money if at the end of your fertility journey you don’t have your baby at home.

What Is An Egg Donation, And How Does It Work?

First of all, the donor is chosen. There is the option of running a genetic compatibility test to make sure that the egg donor and the person giving the sperm sample (that being the male partner or a male donor) are genetically compatible. That is, they don’t share a recessive genetic mutation that could lead to a disease in the newborn. This is something that the patient will be able to discuss with the clinic’s medical team.

Once this first part of the process is done, the treatment starts for the donor, the eggs are fertilised, and the embryos are created in the lab. The patient undergoes an endometrial preparation, and the transfer takes place (for more information about the egg donation treatment, please check our article on this).

Who Is It For?

Normally patients whose ovarian reserve is severely reduced, maybe due to the natural age process, a genetic condition or a medical intervention, can benefit from an egg donation treatment. The patient’s gamete (the egg) is substituted with the egg of the donor, but her uterus will carry the baby.

How Does Redia IVF’s Live Birth Egg Donation Refund Programme Work?

It is a Live Birth programme, meaning that it doesn’t end until you have your baby at home (not just a positive pregnancy result).

We work only with the world’s best IVF clinics in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. You can choose the one that you prefer, and if for some reason you are not happy with your choice, you can change clinics at the right time. As all financial risk is on us, we carefully select our partner fertility clinics based on the best success rates, highest quality standards and exceptional patient experience. That’s why we are pretty positive that you’ll have your baby; otherwise, your money is back.

After deciding on your clinic, you will receive a contract from us in which we specify everything, from the administrative to the financial point of view. Then, we will discuss it, and we will solve all your doubts.

Once the contract is signed, and the payment policy is clear, you’ll start your treatment in your clinic of choice.

What Does The Egg Donation Refund Programme Include?

There are up to 3 stimulation cycles of the egg donor in the refund scheme, including embryo freezing and storage costs and unlimited frozen embryo transfers.

Prescribed fertility medication is included in most cases, both for the patient and the donor. Did you know that the medication cost is almost 30-35% of the total price? That means that you often end up paying much more than what you had planned. With Redia IVF, that is covered.

The price is fixed, no more financial darkness. The amounts you see in the contract are the amounts you need to take care of. We are transparent and clear and always at your disposal to clarify all doubts.

We offer a 100% Refund Guarantee if there is no baby birth once the complete programme is finalised. It means that we will reimburse your money if you don’t have your baby at home after all trials and carefully studied medical protocols. Life circumstances can be challenging; there is no need to add financial burdens.

Additional services

Some services are not always included because they vary from clinic to clinic or are unnecessary but just a choice. This means that they are paid separately.

These include the preliminary tests, the genetic matching with the donor(s), the PGT-A test (a genetic test performed on the day 5 embryo that will confirm if it is genetically healthy or not) and sperm donation (whether by choice or because the case makes it necessary). These last two can be included in the programme and are refundable at an additional cost.

We will specify all this in the contract, and you will have all the necessary information to make your best choice and enjoy the process.

Our priority is that our clients feel safe, calm, and in good hands; that’s why we ensure that the process is flawless and you focus on preparing for the following wonderful phase of your life!

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