How to deal with pregnancy after IVF?

A positive pregnancy test is always a very emotional time – especially if you have undergone fertility treatments and have been longing for this positive result for months or years. The first reaction is of course happiness, joy, excitement, relief: you made it, you’re pregnant! However, in many cases other emotions quickly take over, such as anxiety and fear of…
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Juni 15, 2022
IVFRefund Programmes

IVF Refund Guarantee Programmes

What is Redia IVF’s Live Birth Refund Guarantee Programme? Unfortunately, science cannot (yet!) 100% guarantee that you'll have a baby, but what Redia IVF can indeed ensure is your peace of mind financially speaking, by guaranteeing a 100% refund of your money if at the end of your fertility journey you don't have your baby at home. And we make…
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Februar 16, 2022
Fertility TreatmentIVF

In Vitro Fertilisation process (IVF)

We have all heard about IVF, have experienced it ourselves or have an idea about the medical process. But do we really know how it works? When starting a fertility journey, a thousand questions pop into our heads. Although the patient doesn't need to experience it as something hard, it is a complex process. It partly depends on the medical…
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Februar 8, 2022