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Male Fertility issues: Beyond Sperm

Male fertility issues go beyond sperm parameters. History-taking for a male reproductive health workup includes exploring reproductive and sexual history, developmental history, medical history, lifestyle choices and behaviors, and environmental exposures. In this article, we cover a few issues that hinder fertility. The more aware you are of these, the more effectively you can look for help. OBESITY Although this…
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junio 22, 2022

How to deal with pregnancy after IVF?

A positive pregnancy test is always a very emotional time – especially if you have undergone fertility treatments and have been longing for this positive result for months or years. The first reaction is of course happiness, joy, excitement, relief: you made it, you’re pregnant! However, in many cases other emotions quickly take over, such as anxiety and fear of…
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junio 15, 2022
Fertility Treatment

Embryo adoption

When it comes to assisted reproduction we often think about IVF or a donation of gametes, that is, egg or sperm donation. But there is another option, often less known: embryo adoption (also known as embryo donation) Instead of creating embryos from scratch in the lab, like in IVF or egg donation, the embryos that are already created and frozen…
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junio 11, 2022
Refund Programmes

100% Embryo Adoption Refund Guarantee Programme

What is Redia IVF's Live Birth Embryo Adoption Refund Guarantee Programme? Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that you'll have a baby, but what Redia IVF can indeed ensure is your peace of mind financially speaking, by ensuring a 100% refund of your money if at the end of your fertility journey you don't have your baby at home.…
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junio 8, 2022
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Getting Pregnant Is Not Easy For Everyone

The fertility rate has been declining in both developed (one in six couples is infertile) and developing countries (one in four couples is infertile). People who try on treatment options take on average seven years and €30k+ to have a baby. In clinical interviews, infertile patients often state that something so fundamental and natural does not happen to them.  This…
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junio 2, 2022

Gut health and fertility

To get started… Here you have a definition of some basic terms related to the bugs that live in our body that you might find useful if you are not familiar with them. Microbiota: the microorganisms of a particular site, habitat, or geological period. Microbiome: the microorganisms in a particular environment (including the body or a part of the body).…
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mayo 28, 2022

Meet Our Team: Dr Harry Hiniadis

• What is your academic background? After graduating from Medical School in Greece I specialised in Obstetrics & Gynecology in the UK for 6 years at institutes such as King’s College and Royal London. Whilst at King’s College I was a Research Fellow at the Harris Birthright Unit for Fetal Medicine under Prof. Kypros Nikolaides. I obtained the European Diploma…
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mayo 26, 2022
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Assisted reproduction: a significant emotional load

Whether you are single or in a couple, and regardless of your medical situation and the fertility treatment you undergo (insemination, IVF with your own gametes or with gamete donation), an assisted reproduction journey is a highly medicalised process, in which the emotional dimension is often underestimated - by health professionals (due to lack of time or training) and by…
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mayo 24, 2022

Time-lapse technology for embryo culture

What is time-lapse? Time-lapse is a photographic function that consists of taking pictures with a constant time separation between them, in order to finally compose a sequence that shows the evolution of the photographed image from the beginning to the end. This function has been introduced in incubators specifically designed for human embryo culture. These new incubators allow us to…
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mayo 20, 2022