World No Tobacco: Influence Of Tobacco On Fertility And How To Quit

Although smoking has been around for a long time, its negative effect on health is well-known. Both the male and female sexes are susceptible to decreased fertility if they smoke (not just tobacco, but that will be the focus of our article since it is the most common, accepted, and widespread substance). Concerningly, a significant proportion of women…

Gut Health And Fertility

To Get Started… Here you have a definition of some basic terms related to the bugs that live in our body that you might find useful if you are not familiar with them.

Mental Health Awareness Month: QoL While TTC

Quality of life isn’t synonymous with being happy. Quality of life is subjective and includes positive and negative facets of life. It is assessed when considering a person’s physical, psychological, and social health. Complex perceptions, personality-related, monetary, social, cultural, and legislative components also take place.

When Your Immunity Prevents Pregnancy Or How Antibodies Can Complicate Conception

Immune system disorders are behind a significant proportion of spontaneous abortions. They are also one of the relatively common causes of infertility. There may be several reasons why the immune system, initially oriented towards the body’s defenses, turns against our body‘s natural processes. Modern reproductive medicine can already detect the vast majority of them and…

Men Suffer From Infertility Too: Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Infertility is a medical term used for people who have not achieved a pregnancy after one year of trying. The compromised testicular function is a common issue men encounter fertility-wise, such is the case of testicular cancer patients. While, gladly, this type of cancer has a very high survival rate, unfortunately, it tends to appear…

The Environmental Impact On Our Reproductive Health

Many studies conducted over the years have shown that a range of different factors, not just our genes or our overall health, can impact our fertility. For example, a person’s lifestyle and exposure to various environmental stresses and contaminants can reduce their ability to conceive naturally. But what are these specific environmental factors, and how…

The Importance Of Exercise And Physical Activity For Fertility And Pregnancy

In general terms, physical activity positively impacts health: it reduces cardiovascular and type II diabetes risks, contributes to a healthy weight and stronger muscles and bones, improves cholesterol levels, and does wonders for mental health. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle leads to aches and weakness and a higher risk of many conditions. Human beings…

Thyroid Health In Pregnancy

Thyroid hormones interact with other hormones, mainly reproductive hormones. Therefore, their correct functioning is essential for ovulation, embryo implantation, and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Meditation In Fertility

Infertility is one of the most challenging experiences in people’s lives.  Whilst most of us are led to believe that getting pregnant is easy, many people are faced with a challenging diagnosis like endometriosis, PCOS, blocked tubes, fibroids, azoospermia, low progressive motility sperm, erectile dysfunction, the mysterious unexplained reason for infertility amongst others.

Risk Factors In Pregnancy

Risk factors in pregnancy are well studied and documented, but good prenatal care and support can help minimize those risks.