Are you looking for an egg donation abroad? And you are wondering which country or clinic you should choose? Or maybe you want to obtain more information about the egg donation abroad procedures and treatment?

Are you willing to discover the most popular IVF clinics for egg donation abroad? And how to compare them?

If you are interested in the answers to these questions – you are in the right place.

But first, let’s define what “Donor Egg IVF” stands for.

If a couple cannot conceive a baby with the help of IVF, they are considering egg donation. IVF (in vitro fertilization) egg donation is a procedure that uses eggs of a donor in place of the eggs of the woman undergoing IVF. The rest of the procedure is the same as the IVF.

Egg donation has become common, especially among women over 35. Most of them are going through menopause, or they might suffer from premature ovarian failure or had their ovaries removed. Since the egg donors are women aged 18-30, using their eggs reduces the potential risks that might arise from the women’s age.

A woman helping another woman to conceive a baby is a miraculous thing, right?

Why is egg donation abroad a better option?

When thinking about donor conception, the main question is how to decide what the best option for yourself is, and at the same time to be sure whether is the right thing for the child that you are potentially able to have. Egg donation abroad is a cost-effective option for fertility treatment. Here are several reasons why that might be your best option.


The success rates for frozen donated embryos are accelerating tremendously. Compared to IUI (Intrauterine insemination) that can be done in the UK, the success rates are much higher.

To book a flight to another country, and stay there for a few nights is cheaper and more relieving than travelling dozens of times to a clinic in the UK. Plus, it will save you time! Finding an egg or embryo donor in the UK costs the same as two in other countries. So, egg donation abroad is much more cost-effective.


According to a study done by researchers from the University of Aberdeen and Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, IVF embryos that were frozen result in healthier babies. And women between 40 and 42 appear to accept frozen embryos better compared to the others. Since this age group is the one to consider donor-embryo IVF, it is a win-win situation.

The main reason why egg donation abroad option should be looked at is that the clinics abroad have a great supply of embryos from couples who had done IVF in the past, and have decided to donate the rest of the embryos to other couples.


IVF with egg donation is a manageable form of adoption. By choosing a fertility clinic to do the egg donation abroad, you will pass round the whole mess in the bureaucracy of state services. It takes only one quick trip to the clinic. It is the best option for those who want to start a family as soon as possible. For the medical fee that needs to be paid, egg donation abroad option is well worth considering it.

Which country should I choose? What are the costs?


Spain is one of the most popular destinations for egg donation abroad and IVF. By law, anyone can be treated. Another significant factor is that in Spain, donated eggs are more readily available than in the UK and other countries, partly because their anonymity is guaranteed. The UR Fertility Clinics is one of Spain’s top-rated fertility centres.

Our 3-cycle refund guarantee programmes start from £14,000.


Egg and sperm donation are allowed in the Czech Republic. The rules are that the donors must be under 35 and screened for sexually transmitted diseases. Also, egg donors must do a blood test and genetic tests.

Our 3-cycle refund guarantee programmes start at £11,000.


Ukraine has 19 fertility clinics which offer quality services. Donations of eggs are anonymous and allowed to singles and married couples.

Our 3-cycle refund guarantee programmes start at £12,500.


Greece allows egg donation, and the egg donors are not allowed to receive financial compensations for it. Also, Greece has strict rules about the anonymity of the donors. Also, it is a great occasion to combine IVF treatment with a short holiday and enjoy the beautiful sea.

Our 3-cycle refund guarantee programmes start at £12,500.

How to choose an egg donor abroad?

In general, most of the donors are anonymous. But, some couples would like to personally meet the egg donor. Also, some donors want to get to know the family and receive updates.

When you search for the donor, make sure that the clinic has already screened her. Also, test the donor for any genetic disorder or disease. The IVF Clinic must provide you with detailed information about the donor’s background, previous medical history, education, special skills, etc. The egg donor contract should clearly state that the children born from the donated eggs are the legal children of the potential parents.

How to choose the IVF clinic for egg donation abroad?

When selecting the fertility clinic, do deep research on the popularity of the clinic, the cost of the treatment, the success rate and their availability. Provide your medical history and ask them what the costs and the chances to get pregnant would be. We will be guiding you depending on your medical history, goals and budget to choose the best clinic for egg donation abroad.

Egg Donation Abroad Refund Guarantee Programs – What are the costs, pros, and cons?

The Egg Donation Abroad Refund Guarantee Programs are financial IVF programs that allow you to have up to three IVF cycles for one payment. In Europe, these types of programs range from £9,500 to £17,000, depending on the country and the type of program.

IVF Refund Programs are becoming popular because of the possibility of receiving a full or at least a partial refund in case of failure during the treatment. Women up to 55 years old qualify for the IVF Refund programs. Under “guarantee” either a pregnancy or a live birth guarantee is considered.

If one of the most important aspects while undergoing IVF treatment and egg donation abroad is finance, you should consider this type of program. Go through the process carefully, discover the new possibilities and compare the clinics.

At Redia IVF Travel, we are here to help and guide you through this important journey and provide you with best egg donation abroad refund guarantee programmes in the best European IVF clinics with great success rates. 

Good luck on your life-changing journey!



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