Did the high IVF cost in the UK left you thinking about the option to do the IVF treatment abroad? You are one of the thousands of people in the UK who are striving with the costs of IVF.

People are disappointed at the standard of care provided by the NHS. The majority of people think that getting an NHS fertility treatment, especially a donor egg one is like winning a lottery.  Refund guarantee IVF programs with affordable prices in overseas countries offer a new opportunity for families that are seeking fertility treatment.

Emily is a 42-year-old woman from Leicester, England. She has been trying to conceive a baby with her husband for six years. She said that she tried to get IVF on the NHS, but she was refused since she didn’t fit into the criteria. Previously, she had four unsuccessful artificial inseminations done in a clinic in London.

“My husband and I had spent almost the whole life savings that we had. After each failure and spending more and more money, we have despaired. Our gynecologist said to us that it is better to use a donor egg.” Emily said. “I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that we still have some hope to have a baby. That’s when we started exploring the opportunity of an IVF treatment.“

Emily said that she was refused by the NHS, and considered paying the IVF on her own. “Our savings were almost gone, and we didn’t have the money to do the IVF here in the UK. It was then when I have discovered on a forum about the option to do the IVF abroad since it was cheaper. I actually started chatting with one woman who had IVF done in the Czech Republic. She shared her experience with me.”

IVF costs in the UK

One cycle of treatment in the UK costs around £7000. And usually, the needed medications and diagnostic tests like scans are not included in the price. The final bill is way higher than just the initial £7000.  However, IVF treatment with donor eggs costs are even much higher than IVF treatment. Average price of an egg donation cycle starts from £15,000-19,000.

According to the statistics, 3 out of 4 couples can’t afford to get IVF treatment in the UK. This is the major reason why fertility tourism is a trend that is on the rise.

The criteria you need to meet to have IVF on the NHS

In order to get IVF on the NHS, there are certain criteria that you need to meet.  If you are under 40, you will be offered up to three cycles of IVF. But the other condition is that you have been trying to conceive for more than two years or you had 12 cycles of artificial insemination without any success.

Or, if you are 40 to 42 years old, you are able to do only one IVF cycle. And again, you have to have a history of 12 cycles of unsuccessful insemination, have never had IVF before and not to have low ovarian reserves.

Additionally, even if you are eligible for treatment on the NHS, it might take a while for the IVF to be done. So, besides the emotional cost, it is a time-consuming experience as well.

Anonymous donor – yes or no?

Another reason why people are traveling abroad to get an IVF treatment is the method of how donors are selected and recommended. In the UK, the person that is born using donor eggs or sperm can actually get information about the donor once they are 18. Due to this legislation, there are not enough donors since a lot of potential donors would like to stay anonymous. Lack of donors means long waiting lists. In addition, the lack of donors encouraged the egg sharing solution, however, egg sharing donors bring success rates to a very low level.

There are countries where the donations are completely anonymous, so the donor can’t be known at any point in life. It is up to you to decide what would be best for your future child.

Traveling abroad for the IVF treatment

“I started searching for clinics in Europe. The prices are really lower compared to the prices in the UK. I totally understand why people are borrowing money and selling possessions to try to collect money for getting a private IVF treatment. I decided to get IVF treatment in the Czech Republic. I must note that there are great clinics around Europe!” – Emily said.

The average cost of a single IVF cycle in the Czech Republic is less than half of the UK prices. “We booked a room online. Besides the low prices for the IVF treatment, we had a little, not so average holiday as well. My greatest worries were whether it is safe. And yes – it is definitely safe. Do your homework –great research before deciding is a crucial thing to do.”

The country that you will choose is your actually own personal preference.  Different countries have different laws and age limits. It is all about where your personal picture could fit.

When you choose the clinic, have a checklist prepared with questions about the waiting list, the specific needs, the guarantees that are offered and etc.

“Maybe someone would think that using a donor egg is not the right thing to do. All I can say that the woman that gave me the egg must be a very good person, and I am so thankful to her. Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with the most beautiful present that life can give me. I can’t wait to meet my baby!”

IVF treatments are “intense” moments in life and choosing the right clinic and a country that you can afford is a great relief. It is a life challenge, which hopefully results in bringing a new life to this world. So, the journey is definitely worth it and it should be available to every woman that fights with a fertility problem.

At Redia IVF, we are here to help and guide you through this important journey and provide you with best egg donation abroad refund guarantee programmes in the best European IVF clinics with great success rates. 

Good luck on your life-changing journey!


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